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The Mission Critical Implementation Statement of Work

After a short-listed vendor is chosen, the next step in the selection process is contract negotiation. Within these negotiations is when the Statement of Work (SOW) is developed. A well designed SOW is absolutely essential to ensure a successful solution implementation, and will make it clear to everyone the work that is to be completed.…

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Cloud Management Solutions

As Cloud software solutions continue to gain acceptance and market share, corporate Information Technology (IT) teams are being tasked with utilizing Cloud solutions to provide greater IT infrastructure flexibility, while at the same time reducing costs and decreasing the time to provision new solutions. Cloud Management Platform (CMP) software systems have been created to manage…

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Software Selection and Organizational Change

One often overlooked factor in any successful software selection and implementation is organizational change. Is my organization ready, willing, and able to undertake this project? If it were my project, this would be one of the first questions that I would ask myself. Do not underestimate the impact of this impending change in preparing for…

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Implementation Thoughts – Data Migration

Ok, you’ve done your homework, gone through the software selection process, and selected the system that is right for you. Now the software contract negotiation phase begins, and one of the things you’ll need to review is the statement of work. One very important part of this is data migration. What, and how much data…

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What to Look for in a Software Selection Consultancy?

What to Look for in a Software Selection Consultancy?   This question comes up quite often when we are speaking with potential clients. “Why should we make SoftResources our partner in this project?” There are many reasons; however here are three key things that set us apart: Focus, Independence, and Experience.   Focus: Our Software…

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Taking the Time to Do it Right

It’s that time of year again. Every fall, we have clients that want to push a project through before the end of the year. Maybe some extra budget was found somewhere, or perhaps a last minute project needed to get slotted in before 12/31. No matter what the reason, make sure that you have enough…

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