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Contract Review

The software vendors write the contracts to protect their interests. We help protect your interests in the deal. SoftResources provides a business review of the software contracts to identify pricing, clauses, and terms that you should negotiate prior to signing the contract.  You will still need a legal review, but we will help you focus on the key negotiable business issues in the contract.


Contract Review

SoftResources reviews the pricing, terms and conditions, and key clauses in the contract or Service Level Agreement. We identify key areas of concern and recommend changes based on our experience reviewing hundreds of software contracts. We take a realistic view of what is negotiable and what is not with the vendors. Although every contract and situation is different, over the past 20+ years we have saved our clients millions of dollars, but more importantly we have helped protect their interests for the life of the software.

Statement of Work Review

A key part of the contracting process is a review of the Statement of Work. We recommend that you agree to the Statement of Work before you sign the contract so you know exactly what is expected of the vendor and your team during the implementation.