Managing Software Implementation Scope Creep

One of the biggest pitfalls to avoid with any software selection and implementation project is Scope Creep – the gradual broadening of the original objectives.

As you move through the selection process, you will be exposed to many new and exciting capabilities. While it is tempting to add this functionality to the project – stick to the plan. During implementation planning, anticipate that you will need to make trade-offs, have to limit what new functionality you can implement, and that you won’t be able to solve every issue you uncover. To help you eliminate Scope Creep, consider the following:

  • Clearly Define Project Goals
  • Have a Long Range Plan
  • Stick to Project Milestones
  • Create Future Project Phases

As you find valuable features and capabilities that are beyond the original scope, make sure to document these key capabilities that can be implemented in future phases. This approach will help you maintain focus in order to get you up and running faster and have a greater chance for success.

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