Implementation Oversight

Software implementation oversight and project management services involve working hand in hand with your internal project manager with the goal of an on time and on budget implementation. We act on your behalf to help you resolve issues, remove roadblocks, and keep the implementation on track.

Project Plan Management

We help develop the Project Plan in coordination with the implementation team to define tasks, assign responsibilities, milestones, and deliverables. We assist with monitoring, maintaining and adjusting the project plan for the life of the implementation.

Implementation Planning Meetings

We help coordinate, schedule and participate in implementation planning meetings with the project team and vendor implementation team.  During the project we also communicate with executive sponsors regarding progress and status of the project.

Data Conversion

Working with the implementation group, we provide guidance with the review and/or development of the Data Conversion Plan. The Plan will include tasks such as identification of data to be converted, an approach to extraction of data from legacy systems, importing data to replacement applications and testing of converted data.

Testing Plan

Working with vendor implementation team, we review and/or develop a Testing Plan for all stages of the implementation. The Plan will include tasks such as development of test scripts, assistance with documentation of testing results, and identification of configuration adjustments.

Training Plan

Working with the vendor implementation team we review and/or develop a Training Plan that includes what users need to be trained on, who will provide the training, what training materials are required, who will develop the training materials and when the training will be delivered.

Project Closure

At the end of the implementation, we review the Project Plan to ensure all tasks are complete, and participate in the transition from the vendor implementation team to support.