Implementation Partner Selection

The selection of the right implementation partner can make or break the success of your project.  You need to find the right partner that has experience implementing the software in your industry to efficiently establish improved business processes in conjunction with the best practices of the software.

Implementation Partner Key Requirements

We develop the Implementation Partner Key Requirements that will differentiate partners for the software you selected. We include criteria such as: relationship and experience with the software solution, implementation group, similar implementations, and the experience of the personnel that will be assigned to the project.  

Implementation Partner Analysis

We create a long list of implementation partners and use the key requirements to eliminate vendors to identify a Short List of qualified partners. We spend many hours with the implementation teams to gain an understanding of their experience, skill-sets and project approach to support you through the implementation.

Implementation Partner Script

We create an Implementation Partner Script that the Short Listed partners will follow during their presentation. The script outlines the key areas of experience, skill-sets, and approach that will be required for the project. The discussion is then focused to help you select the implementation team that will be best suited for your organization.

Due Diligence and Final Decision

We advise you through the final due diligence process including user reference calls/visits, headquarters visits, and final vendor analysis. We also facilitate the final decision meeting and help you compile decision materials for the executive presentation.