Software Assessment

SoftResources provides software assessment and business case development services to help you objectively evaluate whether you should remain on your current system or move to a new one. This service includes a review of your current software and recommendations for improving the use of the system or development of a business case for selection and implementation of a new system.

Software Assessment

We help you determine if you should move to a new system or remain on the current system. We assess how the current system is being used, it's strengths and weaknesses, and what is being done in ancillary systems. We then put together a report with recommendations including training issues, the strength of the vendor, future vendor and software direction, cost to maintain the current system, cost to purchase a new system, ROI analysis, etc.

Business Process Review

We conduct a high-level review of your current business processes and/or maps to make recommendation for process improvement. During the implementation, these recommendations will be coupled with software vendors' best practices to improve the way you do business.

Software Budget and ROI Analysis

We review software vendor proposals on a daily basis. We have a realistic view of what the actual costs are to purchase and implement a new system. We focus on the total cost of ownership over a 5-year period so you have visibility of long-term cost rather than first year discounts. We can help you determine your software and implementation budget, a timeline for the selection, and phased implementation of a new system.

Business Case Development

The Business Case helps you establish support for technology initiatives and outlines a case for new business software suitable for presentation to executive management, boards, and councils.