Software Selection

With thousands of software systems available on the market, we identify the unique requirements of your organization and conduct detailed analysis to find a qualified Short List. We then take you through software demos and due diligence so you can have the information you need to make an informed software decision.

Key Requirements

We conduct requirements interview workshops either on location, or via conference phone to discuss your business processes and key requirements for a new system. We know how to efficiently gather the software requirements with minimal impact on your personnel and a much shorter time-frame than most consulting firms. We pioneered the development of a Key Requirements document that are the 100 – 300 most important requirements that will differentiate the software vendors to more efficiently evaluate your options. For government sector clients, we also create a Focused Request for Proposal that facilitates vendor response to the RFP and expedites the vendor evaluation process.

Software Vendor Analysis

We create a Long List of software options and use the key requirements to eliminate vendors to determine a Short List of qualified software applications. Rather than relying on outdated databases or general vendor ratings, we contact the vendors directly to discuss the specific requirements of each client. That allows us to find the right solution for each clients' needs.

Software Demos

We create a custom Demo Script that requires the vendors to show how they will meet your business requirements. A scripted demo ensures a fair and equal vendor comparison. We attend the demos to keep the vendors on track and facilitate a post-demo meeting with your team.

Due Diligence and Final Decision

After the Demos, we advise you through the due diligence process including user reference calls/visits, follow up demos, headquarters visits, and final vendor analysis. We also facilitate the final decision meeting by providing insight and counsel to your software decision process.