SoftResources' Software Selection Process – Software Vendor Feedback

One of the interesting things about SoftResources’ software selection methodology is the fact that software vendors like our approach. In fact, we get a lot of referrals from software vendors for potential customers that need help with their selection process. A software vendor that was involved in a recent software selection project made this comment:

“I just wanted to thank you for your time today in allowing us to elaborate on our software. This is the first time we have been asked to participate in this type of evaluation process and found it a very beneficial and efficient way to exchange information.  It is helpful to both parties, and we would certainly like other potential customers to take this approach.”

What is the key to our success with vendors? First of all, they like the way we communicate with them and identify the most important criteria of the client. We also enable the process to move forward quickly and they know that a client is serious when they have engaged our services. Finally, they know that we are truly unbiased in our services and even if they do not win a particular project, they have a good shot at the next one that may be a fit for them.

Why is this important to you as you go through your software selection project? We provide a software selection service that the software vendor’s want to participate in. This means we get access to the latest vendor developments, you have more options available to you, and you get the best chance for getting the right system for your project. We develop a good working relationship with software vendors so each of our clients can build a solid long-term relationship with their selected vendor and have the best chance for a successful implementation!

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