Software Selection and Business Process Improvement

Selection and implementation of a new software system is a golden opportunity to re-evaluate your business processes. As we work with our clients doing requirements interviews, we frequently find processes that need to be changed. In fact, many times even management is surprised when they see how employees do their jobs with work around processes; excel spreadsheets; and offline systems to try to get their jobs done.

We had one client where the CEO was happy with the one-page report he got on his desk every day. What he didn’t know was that it took a team of 2 people 6 hours to compile the report the day before! In another case, we conducted a software selection project for a company that had used the same system for over 18 years. They had a number of broken processes that were partially the result of the constraints of an old system, and partially the result of bad habits that had evolved and essentially disintegrated over time.

As we take our clients through the requirements interviews, we discuss their processes and provide a vision of how they can improve the way they are doing business. We bring to the table our experience working with hundreds of companies and knowledge of the capabilities of modern systems. This vision is then crystallized through the scripted demos as users are able to actually see how the software would handle their requirements. Finally business process change is implemented as they move through the software implementation process.

We find that conforming to the best practices inherent in the software system selected is the best way to move forward. Not only does this save you time and money, but it allows you to stay on the upgrade path, and brings built-in business process change for more efficient operations.

Posted By: Spencer Arnesen

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