SoftResources specializes in conducting software selection for any industry and for any type of software. We have done software evaluations for unique solutions that clients have requested. We often say that if there is a software solution out there, SoftResources will find it! This page highlights some of the types of software that we have helped our clients select.


While not an actual software category, a key consideration for any type of software selection project is the decision to go with a cloud solution or an on-premises solution. While much development and all of the major vendors are moving to cloud solutions, there are both advantages and limitations with going to the cloud. The decision to move to the cloud has a big impact on the vendors you will be selecting and your entire approach to using software. We can help you understand your options.

Enterprise Resource Planning / Financials

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are used by just about every company in every industry. There are general ERP solutions that cross industries and vendors that focus on a specific industry like manufacturing, distribution, construction, retail, services, non-profit, government, etc. ERP software selection is the most requested selection project and SoftResources has conducted hundreds of ERP software selection projects. Some of the vendors we have evaluated include: SAP, Oracle, Workday, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Plex, Netsuite, Intacct, Deltek, and many other ERP solutions.

Human Capital Management / Payroll

Whether selecting a software solution to run payroll in-house or selecting an outsourcing payroll provider, we have assisted hundreds of clients through the HCM software selection process. Frequently HCM is included in the ERP selection, but there are also many stand-alone HCM vendors and many companies have a best-of-breed strategy and select a separate HCM solution. Some of the HCM vendors we have evaluated include: Workday, SAP Success Factors, Oracle HCM, Infor, Ultimate Software, Highline, Bamboo, Namely, Orange, ADP, Ceridian, and many others.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM software includes Sales Force Automation and Customer Service. These solutions enable organizations to track and maintain relationships with prospects and customers. Many ERP solutions include CRM modules, but there are also many stand-alone CRM solutions. Some of the vendors that we have evaluated for clients include:, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and others.

Budgeting / Corporate Performance Management

Budgeting software is used by just about every company and government entity. While all ERP software vendors offer some level of budgeting functionality, stand-alone budget solutions offer more advanced budget planning, creation, and tracking capabilities. Some of the budgeting solutions we have evaluated over the years include: Hyperion/Enterprise Planning Cloud, Prophet21, BI360, Host Analytics, Tagetik, Adaptive, and many others.

Reporting / Business Intelligence

All software solutions offer some level of reporting functionality, but there are vendors that offer more sophisticated tools to extract and report on data from a variety of software systems in your organization. Some of the Business Intelligence software solutions we have evaluated include: SAS, Oracle, Tableau, SAP, Birst, BI360, IBM, and many others.


Manufacturing software manages inventory movement from sourcing through production and warehouse and distribution to customers. We have helped hundreds of manufacturing companies select new software including both discrete and process manufacturing environments from high-tech, to industrial equipment, to forestry products, to chemicals, and food and beverage. Some of the software systems we have evaluated in this category include: SAP, Oracle, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Netsuite, Plex, and many others.


Distribution Software supports the warehouse and distribution of goods. We have assisted many clients select distribution solutions including food and beverage, industrial equipment, and consumer product distribution. Some of the vendors we have evaluated that support distribution environments include: Epicor, Infor, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, and others.

Project Accounting

Project based businesses require tracking of time to projects and include industries such as software development, services based companies, government contractors, non-profit organizations, and construction companies. These projects can be revenue generating client projects or capital projects. These systems can also be used to track projects related to grants. We have worked with many project based companies, non-profits, and government entities for the selection of project accounting software. Some of the vendors that offer project accounting include: Deltek, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, Epicor, Serenic, Blackbaud, and others.

Retail / Point-of-Sale

Retail software specializes in retail stores, restaurants, and other retail outlets. We have helped a number of retail stores and chains select Point of Sale solutions to manage their operations. Some of the vendors we have evaluated for clients include: Aloha, LS Retail, Oracle, RetailPro, Epicor, Island Pacific, and others.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management manages the warehouse and includes bin tracking, quality assurance, pick lists, and other warehouse functionality. We have helped many customers with this requirement in their ERP selections and have also completed various stand-alone Warehouse Management solutions.

Enterprise Asset Management

EAM/CMMS systems help companies track assets and manage maintenance. These assets may include buildings, vehicles, and infrastructure. You can set up Preventative Maintenance schedules, and create work orders for maintenance activities. SoftResources has assisted many organizations in both the private and public sector with selecting these systems.

Community Development

Municipal governments require permits for activities in their jurisdiction. These permitting systems provide online permit applications, inspections, code enforcement and other functionality. While some government focused ERP vendors have this functionality, there are also a number of best of breed permitting solutions available on the market and we have done a number of permitting best of breed software selection projects.

Utility Billing / CIS

Another software solution that is focused on the government sector, but is also used by private utilities is Utility Billing/CIS. Utility billing provides billing functionality, online payments, collections management, requests for service, work orders, and customer relationship management functions.

And Many Others

We have also done dozens of unique software evaluation projects for various companies. Our software selection methodology enables us to evaluate any type of software solution. Some of the unique software selection projects we have completed over the years include: Yard Management, Transaction Matching, Investor Management, Driver Risk Management, Port Security, Convention/Meeting Management, Membership Management, Library Management, Quality Assurance, Counseling, Routing and Logistics, and many other types of unique software solutions.