What to Look for in a Software Selection Consultancy?

What to Look for in a Software Selection Consultancy?


This question comes up quite often when we are speaking with potential clients. “Why should we make SoftResources our partner in this project?” There are many reasons; however here are three key things that set us apart: Focus, Independence, and Experience.

Focus: Our Software Consulting Practice is limited to six main service areas that all revolve around software and system evaluations, selections, and implementations. We do not sell software, nor do we offer services outside of the above areas. This gives us great focus, and we are confident that no one is better at providing these services than we are.

Independence: We started out as part of a large accounting firm over 20 years ago. While this gave us instant name recognition, we felt that in order to offer the most objective service with the greatest value to our clients, we should be completely impartial and independent. We accept no compensation in any form from software vendors, we do not sell software, nor do we have any related businesses or practice areas that do so. Our only motivation is to find the best software and system possible for our clients.


Experience: Our consultants all have a minimum of 14 years of related industry experience, so you can be sure that you’ll be in good hands. Rather than turning over important portions of work to inexperienced junior employees, you’ll have senior consultants managing every portion of your project!

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