The Ripple Effect of Cloud Adoption in 2013

The business software market is going through big technological changes right now and the Cloud has been at the forefront of this change. In 2012, we saw the Cloud turn the corner and gain significant traction in the business software world. Now in 2013, the adoption of Cloud applications will accelerate and cause ripple effects that will impact the business software market. This will include the following:

  1. The adoption of Cloud computing will cause pressure for on-premises software vendors to offer a Cloud solution. Many of these vendors will offer a hosted solution that will be their “Cloud” solution until they can develop a true multi-tenant Cloud solution.
  2. The Cloud will bring an increase of new software vendors to the market. The Cloud levels the playing field again and affords a new opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs (particularly veterans of traditional on-premises vendors that are looking to re-invent themselves) to start with a fresh solution.
  3. Value Added Resellers will take a more active role working with the cloud. VARs that have been with traditional on-premises ERP solutions are starting to pick up cloud solutions from Netsuite, Acumatica, and others and will also be able to offer Cloud solutions from traditional vendors such as Microsoft, Sage, etc. as they release Cloud ERP solutions.
  4. We should see an increased use of mobile devices to access business systems. Mobile devices that depend on the Cloud are fully accepted in the consumer environment, and they are now being used in the business world. The software vendors are busy developing apps that should improve mobile device accessibility.

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